My name is Linda Cockrell. I became interested in  learning more about my Family in 2014, at the age of 70.  I guess it is never too late to start, right?

  •       I had my DNA tested, which showed I am 26% Irish. That got me interested in learning more about my Irish Ancestry.
  • I STARTED WITH MY  MATERNAL  Grandfather, James Elisha Roach. I remember 
  • hearing his family came from Ireland.
  • My Great Grandfather was Micheal Roach, born in 1857, in Mayo Co. Ireland.
    • A the time Roach was also spelled Roache and Roch. I believe he spelled it with the E and dropped the E after coming to the states in 1885. Michael’s Father was Patrick Roache and his Mother was Mary Cunningham.
    • In 1875 Michael Roache married Bridget Connell. Bridget”s Father was John Connell and her Mother was Mary Houban.   Michael and Bridget left Ireland in 1877 bound for USA.  They stayed in England for awhile, settling in Northwitch, Cheshire where they gave birth to a daugther , Margaret, also called Nora, that same year. Between 1877 and 1884 they lived in Canada and had a Son, Eugene C  Roach. I am not sure of the places and dates during this time. In 1885 they  settled  in Tarrent Co. Texas, where  my Grandfather was born in 1885. In a 1910 cenus, they were still in Tarrent Co. in Fort Worth, Texas. That is where my trail goes cold. I also found out my Grandfather was 3\4 Cherokee Indian. In reschearing Cherokee Indians in Ireland, I learned that the Euopeans here, late 1700 to early 1800, captured Indians and took them all over the world and sold them as slaves. About 400 went to Ireland. Some of the Indians propersed, becoming land owners, marrying and having children, The only thing I know about that is, a revlative mentioned that a man in my Grandfathers family married a young Indian woman.   If Anyone has any information they can add to this I would be Greatful.          THANK  YOU.